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Colin Thomas & Associates undertakes a wide range of work for our clients covering a variety of disciplines. Depending on the nature of the assignment we provide appropriately qualified staff.

Financial Reporting

Our approach extends well beyond routine examination of financial statements; it is designed to provide management with information on significant issues concerning the quality, operation and control of accounting systems.

Tax Planning and Advice

Investment decisions can only be properly made after careful consideration of the tax implications both locally and, where applicable, internationally.

Clients of CTA can rely on our tax specialists advising on local tax laws and access to overseas tax specialists, where necessary, to assist clients in complying with international tax regulations.

Assistance is provided with the preparation of tax returns, as well as advice on the taxation implications of individual transactions and business developments. We carry out a review of clients' present tax situations to identify tax exposures and highlight areas where tax savings can be maximised.

We will help clients understand and make changes to business practices to accommodate the goods and services tax (GST).

Management Accounting

CTA will undertake the preparation and review of monthly, quarterly or other periodic business financial statements as required. We advise on expenses, management and costing.

Company Secretarial

We can provide a complete company secretarial facility to ensure that corporate registers and other statutory records are properly maintained and all corporate filings are lodged in an efficient and timely fashion with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. We will incorporate a company for you and set up your corporate registers.

Business Development

CTA encourages its clients to step outside their business and take a long, hard look. We invite you to take a "Journey" with us to really understand what drives the profits of your business. Once this is achieved, we look at ways of improving the bottom line. CTA has invested in terrific software to help you build a successful business.


Many of our clients have do-it-yourself (DIY) superannuation funds. CTA provides accounting, taxation and auditing services to these funds.

Due Diligence Review

Any acquisition by a client needs to be closely investigated in the current economic climate. We can conduct a complete financial review of a business operation at the time of acquisition to provide assurance that the financial statements are in order. We assist clients in capital raisings whether providing experts reports or valuations, representation and advice at meetings, liaison with solicitors or other advisers and participation in negotiations if required.

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